How to Make the Perfect Cup Of Coffee At Home

Coffee At Home

First of all, we highly recommend you grind your coffee fresh every time you brew, which means keeping the beans whole until just before use.

Purchasing a quality burr grinder will enable you to buy whole beans and then grind them prior to each pot. While a blade grinder will do the job, a burr grinder will produce a consistent grind that makes brewing much easier. You can also buy a coffee maker with an integrated grinder.

When storing your beans, it is best to keep them out of direct sunlight and in an air-tight container.

When it comes to brewing, much of the technique is a matter of preference. However, here are a few of our recommendations. The most important ingredient in a cup of coffee is water. Since tap water is full of additives and impurities, try using filtered or spring water. When some of these additives and minerals are removed from water, more flavor can be absorbed into it. We don’t recommend using distilled water, as it is known to make the coffee taste flat.

If using a typical auto drip machine, grind your coffee fresh just before brewing, and only grind what you will use to make a single pot. If using a paper filter, try the unbleached version, which allows more oils to pass through into your cup. The amount of coffee beans used is a matter of individual taste.

The standard we recommend is 1 Tbsp. of whole beans for every two measuring cups of coffee. However, you should adjust these amounts to your own personal preferences.



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